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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

Gundam 00 has been ended like a year and We Misses Them So much so Bandai Has Decided to make the movie Check this out.

News & Rumors

  • The movie is presumed to give closure to the unresolved events of Gundam 00. A hint of what's to come is the Jupiter incident around 80 years before the storyline in the series. A teaser trailer has been released, officially releasing the names of the new Gundams and hinting on things to expect in the movie with its creators, such as four new Gundams, the GN-XIV, and the GNX-Y903VW Brave.
  • In a recent publication within the Perfect Grade 00 Raiser model, the production codes of the four new Gundams and the GN-XIV were revealed. 00V Senki also revealed that Celestial Being lost one of their GN Drives(0 Gundams) [1] after the events of Season 2, suggesting that part of the overall plot of the movie will be CB attempting to reconstruct or build new GN Drive(s).
  • In a recent interview with Mizushima (Director) of the movie, it's been revealed that he was impressed with new Star Trek movie and attempted to capture that sensation. He also revealed that the movie will be set 2 years after Season 2, AD 2314. Graham Aker will also seem to play a pivotal role in the plot.
  • Recently magazine publications have shown the four Gundams once again, but with changed color schemes. The designs seen in the teaser trailer also recieved minor alterations. Recent publications also show that the new enemy seems to be a True Innovator causing havoc, whose name is revealed to be Descartes Shaman.
  • The image song of the movie will be "CHANGE", by UVERworld.
  • The theme song for Gundam Double O movie "A Wakening of the Trailblazer" will be changed, and the Back Horn will be the band to perform this new theme song. The new song is called "Closed World" (閉ざされた世界).
  • Celestial Being went to Jupiter to undergo some sort of project [2], but the exact nature and result of it is unknown; it's suspected they will create new GN Drives.
  • Gundam Dynames was seen in concept sketches from the teaser trailer, with a GN Condenser shaped like a gun handle on its back. Whether or not it will actually appear in the movie has yet to be seen.
  • Bluish-purple GN Beams and GN Missles using similarly colored GN Particles for propulsion are seen attacking both Celestial Being and the Federation in the new trailer. It was not shown who was firing them.
I will show the 2nd trailer only cause i got translation

Transcript to second trailer:

* Descartes: “I’m going. Don’t you want to know the true strength of an Innovator? Of course, I'll show you as you please.”
* Unknown Voice: “Veda accumulated data on the world through the Innovades. We are supervising and controlling them.”
* Unknown Voice: “Commence particle missile attack upon reaching the [designated] point as per Plan D34.”
* Lyle:“You’re slow, even though you’re an Innovator.”
* Marina: “I want to deepen our understanding of each other and search for the best path. Not by opposing each other, but through talking and understanding.”
* Allelujah: “It’s alright. Swinging by from time to time isn’t bad.”
* Nena 2: “The Federation Government’s secret data: it’s data on the citizens who have strong QBW and the factor to become Innovators.”
* Setsuna: “Ribbons Almark!?”
* Allelujah: “They’re targeting Marie!? Why?!”
* Billy: “Diet member [Klaus] Grad, make a proposition to the congress that they be forced into a QBW isolation institution.”
* Sumeragi: “Tell him how you feel. Yeah, that’s necessary to understanding each other.”
* Setsuna: “I don’t get it, I really don’t get it.”
* Lyle: “Sorry, your fun holiday is over.”
* Nena 2: “I wonder if you’ve read the materials I sent you? Mister Innovator.”
* Sumeragi: “These are the dialogues to come…”
* Setsuna: screaming in pain
* Lyle: "Setsuna!"
* Hallelujah: “What are you doing!?”
* Tieria: “We Innovedo have decided to walk alongside humanity. For that purpose!”
* Graham: “I couldn’t bear it any longer, BOY!”
* Setsuna: “Roger. 00 Qan[T], Setsuna F Seiei, heading out!”
* Setsuna: screaming

Ask we know Ribbon is still alive like graham
I will give you some poster and Magazine Scan of the movie:
The Movie Poster. Setsuna And his New Gundam 00 Qan

Gundam Meister and Their Gundam. NOTE: Tiere is still in the thingy there and i dunno how he possese body (maybe) and he uses hologram to use hes gundam.

Photos of Setsuna, Saji, Feldt, Louise, and Descartes (Top)

This all i can post but you can found out more scan at

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Kamen Rider W NewS!!

You Saw That.WHOA!!
From what i know Shotaro,Akiko and Ryu was try to make a different type of donburi to defeat the big giant donburi dopant while Phillp was a tester

And i think it come with two set of Disc or Watever but its possible to have two Disc you saw the pic which all the case stuff or just a continue disc i dunno we have to wait it then

That Video was after the donburi dopant case and while the part where shotaro making a donburi he accidentally drop the egg and it trip phillp

AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS HERE ETERNAL MAXIMUM DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
called the Bloody Hell Blade (ブラッディヘルブレイド Buraddi Heru Bureido?). In addition to the Maximum Slot on the Lost Driver and Eternal Edge, Kamen Rider Eternal has a series of Gaia Memory Slots on belts around its chest, right arm, and left leg; with the Memory Slot in the Lost Driver, a total of 26.[6][7] One of Eternal's motifs is that of the letter E.

Whoa Bloody Hell Blade Creepy~~~~~~~~XD

I Terui Raito Present You the Gun Warrior (Trigger) AND The MYSTERIOUS Warrior (Luna)
The form's Maximum Drive finisher is the Joker Strange (ジョーカーストレンジ Jōkā Sutorenji?) Rider Chop, during which LunaJoker splits down the middle, the Luna half makes four copies of itself, and all five Luna halves execute rapid-fire karate chops on the target.[12]he form's

Now Trigger
Maximum Drive finisher is Trigger Aerobuster (トリガーエアロバスター Torigā Earobasutā?), firing multiple shots of pressurized air at the enemy.[8][9][15]

And This Guy (For His Pic)

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Kamen Rider 000/Ozu All form and Name

Left to right
・タトバ(タカ・トラ・バッタ)TATOBA 鷹虎蝗
・タカキリバ(タカ・カマキリ・バッタ)TAKAKIRIBA 鷹螳蝗
・タカトラーター(タカ・トラ・チーター)TAKATORAATAH 鷹虎豹
・タカキリーター(タカ・カマキリ・チーター)TAKAKIRITAH 鷹螳豹
・ガタキリーター(クワガタ・カマキリ・チーター)GATAKIRIITAH 鍬螳豹
・ガタトラーター(クワガタ・トラ・チーター)GATATORAATAH 鍬虎豹
・ガタトラバ(クワガタ・トラ・バッタ)GATATORABA 鍬虎蝗
・ラトラバ(ライオン・トラ・バッタ)RATORABA 獅虎蝗
・ラキリバ(ライオン・カマキリ・バッタ)RAKIRIBA 獅螳蝗

This form i think is Ratobara A high Defense Form

This From a Speed Form i dunno wat the name is but i think mix with eager??

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Kamen Rider W Hyper Video

Saw that ugly dopant with a giant chopstick there he name is donburi dopant or short name Don Dopant this dopant can be seen at my pass post (if u see phillip got triped by the egg)

Ok this dopant appear in the upcoming W hyper video
Well even is a hyper video it still come with a episode name XD

Kamen Rider Double: α of Donburi/Farewell Recipe of Love

In Kamen Rider Double Hyper Battle DVD: α of Donburi/Farewell Recipe of Love (仮面ライダーW 超バトルDVD 丼のα/さらば愛しのレシピよ Kamen Raidā Daburu Haipā Batoru Dī Bui Dī Arufa no Donburi/Saraba Aishi no Reshipi yo?), An mysterious Dopant called the Donburi Dopant (丼・ドーパント Donburi Dōpanto?), and the only way to defeat it is to find out what kind of donburi meal it's head is filled with. Shotaro, Akiko, Ryu tries to cook different original donburi meals. This guest stars Hiroshi as the Omurice Shop Master (オムライス屋のマスター Omuraisu-ya no Masutā?) and Reina Fujie of AKB48 as his daughter. The DVD also comes with a Gaia Memory picture book special feature.

Well the usual wiki

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Kamen Rider 000 NEWS

Kamen Rider Ōzu in his TaToBa Combo. Like his predecessesor Double, Ōzu has mix-and-match powers but in three parts instead of two


Eiji Hino (portrayed by Shu Watanabe)[5] is a man who has no dreams, no job, and no family. When animal-like monsters called Greed awaken after their 800 year slumber to attack humans and feed off of their desire, a bird-type Greed called Ankh gives Eiji a belt and three Medals (メダル medaru?) to fight the Greed so he can become the predestined Multi King (複数の王 Fukusū no Ō?): Kamen Rider Ōzu (仮面ライダーオーズ Kamen Raidā Ōzu?, [English name temporary]). The mysterious Kogami Foundation approaches him and begins assisting him in his fight against the Greed, but their true motives are not clear. When Eiji fights for the first time, Eiji starts to realize what it means "to be alive".[1]

With three animal-themed medals in his Ōzu Driver (オーズドライバー Ōzu Doraibā?) belt called O-Medals (オーメダル Ō Medaru?), Ōzu can assume multiple forms called Combos. The first Combo shown is the TaToBa Combo (タトバコンボ TaToBa Konbo?), with his head having hawk (タカ taka?) themed powers from a red medal, his upperbody having tiger (トラ tora?) themed powers from a yellow medal, and his legs having grasshopper (バッタ batta?) themed powers from a green medal.[6] He also will have medals based on the lion (ライオン raion?), gorilla (ゴリラ gorira?), cheetah (チーター chītā?), stag beetle (クワガタ kuwagata?), elephant (ゾウ ?), rhinocerous (サイ sai?), and mantis (カマキリ kamakiri?).[2] The title OOO signifies the three medals that the main Kamen Rider uses to transform as well as meaning "multiple kings" (王s Ōzu?), referring to the leaders of each villain group.

The leading villains are called the Greed (グリード Gurīdo?), who are divided into five tribes with subordinates called Yummy (ヤミー Yamī?). Each Greed and Yummy is missing a portion of their body. If they consume enough human desire, their body is regrown and they get a Medal and a new ability. With enough Medals, they can complete their bodies and become the Multi King. When Ōzu defeats a Yummy or Greed, he gains their Medals and gains new abilities as well.


  • Eiji Hino (火野 映司 Hino Eiji?): Shu Watanabe (渡部 秀 Watanabe Shū?)
  • Shingo Izumi/Ankh (泉 信吾/アンク Izumi Shingo/Anku?): Ryosuke Miura (三浦 涼介 Miura Ryōsuke?)
  • Hina Izumi (泉 比奈 Izumi Hina?): Riho Takada (高田 里穂 Takada Riho?)
  • Shintaro Goto (後藤 慎太郎 Gotō Shintarō?): Asaya Kimijima (君嶋 麻耶 Kimijima Asaya?)
  • Erika Satonaka (里中 エリカ Satonaka Erika?): Mayuko Arisue (有末 麻祐子 Arisue Mayuko?)
  • Chiyoko Shiraishi (白石 千世子 Shiraishi Chiyoko?): Marie Kai (甲斐 まり恵 Kai Marie?)
  • Kosei Kogami (鴻上 光生 Kōgami Kōsei?): Takashi Ukaji (宇梶 剛士 Ukaji Takashi?)
Sorry Guyz i was gonna post up kamen rider w hyper video but no time

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Kamen Rider W new Stuff!!!!

Kamen Rider W internet Spin off
they got over 26 ep!!!!

Internet spin-off films

As started with Kamen Rider Kiva, to promote Double Forever a series of Internet shorts will be produced that show a comedic side to the aspects of the film. Titled Net Movie Kamen Rider Double Forever: The A to Z 26 Rapid-Succession Roars of Laughter (ネット版 仮面ライダーダブル FOREVER AtoZで爆笑26連発 Nettoban Kamen Raidā Daburu Fōebā: Ē tu Zetto de Bakushō 26 Renpatsu?), the films will total 26 shorts released every Friday beginning July 16, 2010.[9] There will be five different formats for the web movies: Artistic Taste Battle in the Narumi Detective Agency (絵心バトルIN鳴海探偵事務所 Egokoro Batoru IN Narumi Tantei Jimusho?) where drawings are compared, Shroud Opened a Kamen Rider Academy For Me... Student Akiko (シュラウドの私が仮面ライダーアカデミーを開いたら・・・生徒亜樹子 Shuraudo no Atashi ga Kamen Raidā Akademī o Hiraitara... Seito Akiko?) where Kamen Rider designs are examined, Professor Jinno and Assistant Makura's Gaia Memory Research (刃野博士と真倉助手のガイアメモリ研究所 Jinno-hakase to Makura-joshu no Gaia Memori Kenkyūjo?) where different Gaia Memories (such as Bean and Queen) are tested out, The Revenge Talk in Kirihiko's Room (霧彦の部屋THEトークリベンジ Kirihiko no Heya THE Tōku Ribenji?) where Kirihiko (Yuki Kimisawa) talks to the other antagonists, and Dopant Medical Practitioner: Shinkuro Isaka (ドーパント開業医・井坂深紅郎 Dōpanto Kaigyōi: Isaka Shinkurō?) where Isaka (Tomoyuki Dan) examines Dopant designs.[10]

[edit] Webisodes

The webisodes are listed in alphabetic order of the English letter in their name (which notifies the subject of the episode), with the format noted at the end of the webisode title. Each title is also a parody of an episode title from the series.

  1. Director A/The Special Stop Timer (所長A/パパッと止めるタイマー Shochō A/Papatto Tomeru Taimā?, Kamen Rider Academy)
  2. The Doctor is Happy About B/Now, In the Mumbling (博士が喜ぶB/今、モグモグの中で Hakase ga Yorokobu B/Ima, Mogumogu no Naka de?, Gaia Memory Research)
  3. The C Sister/Mystery ClayDoll (Cな妹/ミステリー・クレイドール C na Imōto/Misuterī Kureidōru?, Kirihiko's Room)
  4. D is Here/The Transformatory Magical Body (Dが来ていた/変幻マジカルボディ D ga Kiteita/Hengen Majikaru Bodi?, Shinkuro Isaka)
  5. The Crisis Called E/The Man That Stole Eternity (Eが呼ぶ危機/永遠を盗んだ男 E ga Yobu Kiki/Eien o Nusunda Otoko?, Kamen Rider Academy)
  6. The F Brutality/What a Gale! (Fの蛮行/強風なんだ! F no Bankō/Kyōfū Nan da!?, Kirihiko's Room)
  7. The G is Impossible/Bad Picture Paradise (Gは不可能/バッドピクチャーパラダイス G wa Fukanō/Baddo Pikuchā Paradaisu?, Artistic Taste Battle)
  8. The Nightmarish H/Who Is the Drawing Prince? (悪夢なH/絵心王子は誰だ? Akumu na H/Egokoro Ōji wa Dare da??, Artistic Taste Battle)
  9. The I is Intolerable/The Fashion Doctor's Style (Iがたまらない/奇人ドクターの流儀 I ga Tamaranai/Kijin Dokutā no Ryūgi?, Shinkuro Isaka)
  10. The Pursuit of J/One More Trump Card (Jの追求/もう1つの切り札 J no Tsuikyū/Mō Hitotsu no Kirifuda?, Kamen Rider Academy)
  11. The K is Drowsy/A Speaking Only Experiment (Kが寝ぼけたもの/あくまでも実験 K ga Neboketa Mono/Akumade mo Jikken?, Gaia Memory Research)
  12. Removing a Bad Taste from the L/You Are a Freak (口直しにLを/変り種はおまえだ Kuchinaoshi ni L o/Kawaridane wa Omae da?, Shinkuro Isaka)
  13. I Dabble in M/The Drawing Game (Mに手を出すわ/お絵描きで勝負 M ni Te o Dasu wa/Oekaki de Shōbu?, Artistic Taste Battle)
  14. Shout at N!/The Calamity with Kazu (叫べNよ!/災難は加頭と共に Sakebe N yo!/Sainan wa Kazu to Tomo ni?, Kirihiko's Room)
  15. The O is Shown/That Guy is Named Ōzu (現れたO/ヤツの名はオーズ Arawareta O/Yatsu no Na wa Ōzu?, Kamen Rider Academy)
  16. The P Trick/Mick has a Bad Hand Habit (Pの悪戯/ミックは手くせが悪い P no Akugi/Mikku wa Tekuse ga Warui?, Kirihiko's Room)
  17. Lovestruck with Q/The Targetted Queen (デレデレでQ/狙われたクイーン Deredere de Q/Nerawareta Kuīn?, Gaia Memory Research)
  18. Toward the R/Drawing Better Than Them All (Rの方へ/全てを描き切れ R no Hō e/Subete o Egakikire?, Artistic Taste Battle)
  19. The S Selection/The Recommended Detective (Sの選択/名探偵のオススメ S no Sentaku/Meitantei no Osusume?, Kamen Rider Academy)
  20. The T Doesn't Come Back/The Dead Uncuttable Man (帰ってこないT/死に切れない男 Kaettekonai T/Shi ni Kirenai Otoko?, Kirihiko's Room)
  21. The U is a Mystery!/Rondo (Uのは謎!/輪舞 U no wa Nazo!/Rinbu?, Gaia Memory Research)
  22. The V Meatball/Muscle-Beast (肉球のV/筋肉獣 Nikukyū no V/Kinnikujū?, Shinkuro Isaka)
  23. The W Restraints/Only One Can be a Husband (Wの牽制/婿の座はひとつ W no Kensei/Muko no Za wa Hitotsu?, Kirihiko's Room)
  24. Painter X/A Painting of Beneath the Museum (画伯X/ミュージアムの絵の下に Gahaku X/Myūjiamu no E no Moto ni?, Artistic Taste Battle)
  25. The Comedy of Y/The Man Searching for Curry (Yの喜劇/カレーを探す男 Y no Kigeki/Karē o Sagasu OtokoH?, Gaia Memory Research)
  26. Come Here Z!!!/Isaka, Laughs a Lot (Zが来たゼーーッ!/井坂、大いに笑う Z ga Kita zē!!!/Isaka, Ōini Warau?, Shinkuro Isaka)

And this Stuff!/video/video.php?v=413311252409

All memory video xD


Kamen Rider Double Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate

Ending song will be

Named W
  • Lyrics & Arrangement: Mitsuru Matsoka
  • Composition: Keiichi Miyako
  • Artist: Mitsuru Matsuoka
In addition to portraying the character Katsumi Daido, Mitsuru Matsuoka also performs the film's theme song "W" (read as "Double" (ダブル Daburu?)), which is currently set for release as a CD single and limited editon CD+DVD pack on August 11, 2010.[11]
Shotaro Hidari Hardboiled Delusion Diary

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Source Wikipedia and Fb