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Kamen Rider Den-o Episode Yellow

HENSHIN!!! Kamen Ride DiEnd
Here come the plot


At night in Tokyo, a man jumps from building to building, leaving sparkly sand as he moves. Momotaros, and the other Tarōs, are chasing after him because he is possessed by an Imagin. When they confront him, Momotaros thinks that he has seen the man before, and they see that he has a series of pink locks of hair, but when they attack he outwits them and they all hit each other. Ryotaro arrives, and this causes the Spider Imagin possessing the man to emerge, and then travel back in time. Ryotaro uses a Rider Ticket on the man, who has a blank expression on his face, and finds the past date to be November 22, 2008. The group goes to the DenLiner and become Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form to fight the Spider Imagin in the past, easily defeating them after an Extreme Slash.

As Momotaros and the other Tarōs look around for the Rider Pass he tossed aside while performing the finishing attack, they see the man that was possessed earlier holding it, who explains he purposefully allowed the Spider Imagin to possess him so he could go back in time and so he could hijack the DenLiner. After shooting at the Tarōs with a strange gun, Momotaros remembers who this man is: "that robber guy" Daiki Kaito. Daiki escapes in the DenLiner, stranding Ryotaro and the Tarōs in 2008. On board, while holding the Owner and Naomi at gunpoint, the Owner explains that even though Daiki controls the DenLiner now, it will still go back to the date on the stolen Rider Pass.

When the DenLiner returns to November 22, 2008, Ryotaro and the Tarōs chase after it, until Ryotaro sees Daiki running off in another direction. He finds Daiki confronting his past self, who he shoots dead. However, the wound on the past Daiki disappears, allowing the past Daiki to get up and run away. The present Daiki shoots at his past self with the Diendriver more times, but the bullets disappear before impact. Before Daiki can attack again, a man suddenly appears from another point in time with a golden revolver trained on Daiki. He introduces himself as Reiji Kurosaki, a member of the G-Men and of the Time Police, and he holds out his badge which contains the artificial Imagin Eve. He has come to arrest Daiki for threatening to cause a time paradox in killing his past self. After mentioning something his mother once told him, he transforms into Kamen Rider G Den-O to arrest Daiki and remove him from history, if that is what he really wants.

As G Den-O turns his DenGasher into its Jutte Mode, Daiki transforms into Kamen Rider Diend, because he hates being deprived of his treasures, particularly his freedom. Diend appears to be no match for G Den-O's weaponry, and uses his Riotrooper Kamen Ride Card to hold G Den-O at bay. However, Eve is able to sense the Riotroopers movements and defeats them all. Diend prepares his Final Attack Ride Dimension Shoot, but G Den-O is able to counter with his "Perfect Weapon", forming a force field around himself and shooting at Diend with several red and blue lasers. The Riotroopers are destroyed, Diend is turned back into Daiki, and Daiki is arrested.

Ryotaro and the Tarōs are impressed, as G Den-O explains that because Eve is an artificial Imagin, he has infinite knowledge and is able to counter any attack. However, G Den-O soon shoots at Ryutaros, explaining that letting these Imagin survive and use the Rider Pass is threatening the timeline as well. He captures Momotaros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros, taking the Rider Pass and leaving Ryotaro behind. Urataros has managed to escape, and is following after the Daiki of the past who is breaking into the Kurosaki estate to steal a briefcase, and watches Daiki talk to and push aside a young boy who gets in his way. However, Urataros is found by Reiji Kurosaki who arrests him as well.

Back in the present time, Ryotaro is being given dinner from Airi, while he and Kohana try to figure out what Daiki was up to on November 22, 2008. Issē and Ozaki listen to the conversation, which reminds Ozaki of a theft that occurred at the Kurosaki estate on that date: someone broke in and stole the family's golden gun.

At the Time Police's jail, the Imagin try to talk their way out, while Daiki complains about the noise they are making. Kurosaki and several guards come by, and Daiki tells him that Kurosaki must be pleased that he has taken away Daiki's ultimate treasure, his freedom. Kurosaki replies, paraphrasing something that Urataros heard Daiki tell a young boy in the past, while Kurosaki trains his golden gun on Daiki again, its handle damaged. The Imagin are soon told that they will be put on trial, but the Owner appears and tries to get them out of trouble, only for the Owner to be arrested for harboring them. While he fights off the guards, Daiki manages to grab one of them, begging to be released if he promises to give up his life of crime. Kurosaki knows it is just a ploy and leaves with the guards. However, Daiki has managed to take the keys from the guard and frees himself, throwing the keys to the Imagin, but just out of reach.

On the DenLiner, which has been taken over by the Time Police, Naomi tells Kurosaki that Daiki has escaped. However, Kurosaki senses something off and aims his gun at Naomi, calling her Daiki. Daiki then takes of his Naomi disguise and two stare each other down. At the jail, Ryotaro and Kohana have been arrested as well, and put into the cell next to the Tarōs who are still trying to reach the keys. Ryotaro beckons for Momotaros to come closer, which Momotaros realizes what is being said as he possesses the boy, beating the guards, and letting everyone free. Ryotaro says they still have to get to the DenLiner, and the Owner gives him the Infinte Ticket, saying he has a meeting with the Station Master.

As Daiki is being forced off the DenLiner at gun point, Daiki manages to distract Kurosaki by saying Ryotaro and the others have escaped, as the DenLiner crew takes control of the DenLiner once more. Urataros steals back the Rider Pass, allowing them to return to November 22, 2008. Daiki has used the Diendriver to latch onto the back of the DenLiner, traveling with them. Kurosaki is angry that his prisoners have escaped, and Eve reminds him that their jdugement has already passed: total elimination. Diend manages to get to the DenLiner's cockpit and holds Den-O Sword Form at gunpoint, explaining that when he stole the gun the first time, he was distracted at examining his treasure by several letters hidden in the box, and he was shot at by several cops and he lost the gun which was damaged in the process. Ryotaro believes that he must want to steal it again, but not be caught, to which Daiki replies he prefers his treasures in mint condition.

Ryotaro, the Tarōs, and Daiki disembark from the DenLiner back in November 22, 2008, but are ambushed by G Den-O. Den-O fights back as several of his forms, including Ax Form who does not throw the Rider Pass aside when preparing his Dynamic Chop attack, and Urataros possesses Daiki to protect him from a gunshot, and transforms into Diend wielding a rod weapon to deflect bullets back. After Urataros leaves Diend, he uses the Invisible Attack Ride Card while Den-O Sword Form prepares an Extreme Slash again. The Extreme Slash is blocked by G Den-O's force field, but Diend has managed to get within the force field while invisible and shoots a point-blank blast from the Diendriver, leaving G Den-O temporarily incapacitated.

Daiki leaves to find his past self so he can get the gun before it is damaged. However, just before he can do anything Kurosaki appears. Eve prompts Kurosaki to get things over with. Before Daiki can get to his Diendriver once more, Kurosaki shoots him with the golden gun. The bullet goes through Daiki and hits the case the past Daiki is carrying, knocking it out of his hands, sending the papers within flying. The Daiki from the future catches the golden gun from the past, causing Kurosaki's gun to disappear from his hands. Daiki has gone back in time because he knew who Kurosaki was meant to become and he knew he was to be arrested so he could go back in time and steal the golden gun from the past so Kurosaki could never have it in the future. The papers in the briefcase were letters from Kurosaki's mother, telling him how much she loves him. Daiki tells Kurosaki that these should be his treasure, and gives them to him, leaving Kurosaki overcome with emotions.

Eve has been irritated that the final judgement has not been handed out and separates from Kurosaki's badge and transforms into G Den-O, saying that the Earth has no place for humans and their emotions. Everyone escapes from Eve as he starts attacking. Daiki runs into his past self, and as the two face off until G Den-O arrives. Both transform into Diend, and the one from the past holds him off as the one from the future escapes with the gold gun. Den-O arrives to fight G Den-O along with one of the Diends, and when a stray shot nearly hits Kurosaki, Diend saves him. Kurosaki thanks him by presenting Diend with his own K-Touch which he soon uses to become Diend Complete Form. He then uses the Attack Ride Gekijouban Card to summon Kamen Riders G4, Ryuga, Orga, Glaive, Kabuki, Caucasus, Arc, and Skull, and as a group, with Den-O Climax Form, destroy Kamen Rider G Den-O.

In the end, Daiki thanks the DenLiner crew for their help and heads off to the Hikari Photo Studio. Kurosaki goes to visit his mother at a flower shop she owns to talk to her, as they never did in the past. On the DenLiner, the Owner and the Station Master are having a contest where they are flicking balls of fried rice at plates at distances measured with the tape from Episode Red with the spoons from Episode Blue. Naomi serves everyone coffee, but Ryotaro's mug is missing, and he knows that Daiki must have taken it.

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Kamen Rider Skull BM Project

Release Date: March 2011
Price: 19,950 Yen!/HenshinFever

The Title say it Skull BM (note not bahasa Malaysia XD)
Look another pocket money eater XD

I am not dissaponted at this project it amazing check is look like a really costume SWEET~~~!!!

It really well made at the skull Magnum and the memory good painting as well
Now Let Count your crime

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Cyclone Dopant Revealed and A-Z Plot

Now,we all has itchy head by thinking who was the Cyclone Dopant well is Maria.S.Cranberry

Maria S. Cranberry (マリア・S・クランベリー Maria Esu Kuranberī) initially introduces herself a member from the International Special Investigation Resarch Agency (国際特務調査機関 Kokusai Tokumu Chōsa Kikan) who was tracking NEVER, offering her services to Shotaro and Philip. In reality, as revealed in "The Beginning of N/Blood and Dreams", Maria's actual name is Miki Daido (大道 美樹 Daidō Miki), a researcher for the Museum and Foundation X who helped produce the members of NEVER by experimenting on dead humans. Arriving to Futo and using the T2 Cyclone Memory to transform into the wind manipulating Cyclone Dopant (サイクロン・ドーパント Saikuron Dōpanto), Maria lies in order to get closer to Philip so he can be used to power the Ex-Bicker with the T2 Gaia Memories.

Maria S. Cranberry is portrayed by Aya Sugimoto (杉本 彩 Sugimoto Aya). Sugimoto previously portrayed Queen Beryl in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Yes Her Really Name is Miki Daido and She is the Mother of Daido Katsumi (NOTE FOR GENESIS SAY HELLO TO YOUR KAA-SAN)

Saa Let go into the world of W

After picking up the T2 Gaia Memories from fellow Foundation X agent Jun Kazu, Tabata leaves Futo via an Apache helicopter to his group's base of operations. Unbeknownst to him, he is being tailed by a Hercules cargo plane before a young man leaps out of it and into the helicopter. The man takes the briefcase and uses the T2 Gaia Memory with the letter E to transform into a caped Kamen Rider as Tabata activates the suitcase's self destruct. Surviving the blast as it causes the helicopter to explode, the rider lands back in cargo plane where his accomplices are waiting as the other 25 T2 Gaia Memories to rain down on Futo.

Sometime later, as rain has postponed the reopening of Futo Tower which he and others were to attend, Philip is in a nearby park reading a book from the Gaia Library. Seeing a mother and her son, he feels a bit sad since his last encounter with Shroud. Soon, Philip sees the IceAge and Violence Dopants attacking, surprised as their Gaia Memories were destroyed in the past. He holds them off until a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Shroud arrives and to support him before Shotaro arrives. Together, they are able to transform Kamen Rider Double. As Kamen Rider Double fights the IceAge and Violence Dopants, Kamen Rider Accel has come across the Nasca and Weather Dopants. Upon defeating them, he finds their unbroken Gaia Memories to be of the same design as his own. In Double's fight against the other two Dopants, an attack causes a wall to crumble putting the mother and child in danger. However, a mysterious green Dopant saves the mother and child, allowing Double to assume LunaJoker and defeats his opponents with the Joker Strange Maximum Drive, revealing them to be Watcherman and Santa-chan who explain they found the Gaia Memories which forcefully entered their bodies before they are dropped them off at a free clinic.

Back at the office, Shotaro, Ryu, Philip, and Akiko examine the four Gaia Memories, realizing that they are much different than normal. By then, the woman who helped earlier walks into the office and introduces herself as Maria S. Cranberry, an international criminal investigator who has been tracking the terrorist cell called "NEVER", super soldiers developed by a Museum/Foundation X collaboration that went rogue and want the T2 Gaia Memories, which are very refined versions of standard Gaia Memories. However, they only managed to acquire one while the rest are scattered throughout Futo searching for their appropriate users. As Philip remains with Maria, thinking she is Shroud, the others go out to find the remaining T2 Gaia Memories.

When Shotaro goes to his informants Queen and Elizabeth, Elizabeth reveals that she has found the T2 Accel, Key, and Bird Memories. Queen also reveals that she has found the T2 Queen Memory, throwing it into the street when it tries to take her over. But a female motorcyclist, Reika Hanehara, picks up the Queen Memory as Shotaro attempts to talk her out of using it. However, Reika reveals herself as a member of NEVER as she presents the T2 Heat Memory, using it to become the Heat Dopant and attacking Shotaro before he calls Philip to become Double. But as the Kamen Rider chases the Heat Dopant on the HardBoilder, it catches the attention of NEVER member Kyosui Izumi, becoming the Luna Dopant with the T2 Luna Memory to conjure Masquerade Dopants to cover his comrade's escape. Double then is ambushed by NEVER's Gozo Domoto, who fights the Kamen Rider before finding the T2 Metal Memory and becomes the Metal Dopant. Though assuming CycloneTrigger to take out the Metal Dopant with the Trigger Aerobuster Maximum Drive, Double is outmatched when the Heat and Luna Dopants join in the fray. Double is nearly defeated until the mysterious green Dopant allows them to escape.

Back at the detective agency, the group discovers that they have collected 19 of the T2 Gaia Memories before Philip gets an urgent call on his Stag Phone from Maria, requesting that they bring all of the Gaia Memories they have found to a designated location. However, it turns out to be a trap set up by the leader of NEVER Katsumi Daido as Maria admits that she was actually the scientist who created NEVER, revealing it to stand for "NECRO-OVER" as its members are actually revived corpses. Angered at being deceived, further more when Daido tells him that they are very much alike, Philip uses the Fang Memory to become Kamen Rider Double FangJoker. Daido, however, pulls out the T2 Eternal Memory and inserts it into his Lost Driver to become Kamen Rider Eternal and overpowers Double as Ryu becomes Accel to fight NEVER's sniper Ken Ashihara after he uses the T2 Trigger Memory to transform into the Trigger Dopant. Even when Shotaro and Philip become CycloneJoker Xtreme, they and Accel are powerless against their respective opponents. Tired of the distraction, Eternal activates his Eternal Requiem Maximum Drive, negating all non-T2 Gaia Memories and leaving the other Kamen Riders powerless. Though Maria uses the T2 Cyclone Memory to become the green Dopant, the Cyclone Dopant, to save Akiko from the Trigger Dopant, she gives Eternal the group's T2 Gaia Memories before NEVER regroups and takes over Futo Tower during its reopening ceremony.

As the Kamen Riders take refuge in the woods to recover from the battle, Ryu picks up a television broadcast on his Beetle Phone and the gang learn that NEVER is offering ten billion yen to anyone who can give them the last T2 Gaia Memory that they are missing: the J Memory. This in turn causes anarchy with anyone with a Gaia Memory trying to come forward to claim the reward. To make matters worse, Shotaro and Philip fight over how they could have trusted Maria, causing Philip to run off before he is knocked out by an attacker. Returning to the agency, Shotaro reminisces of the days when he worked for his boss Sokichi Narumi when Kamen Rider Skull appears in the office. Shotaro tries to apologize for not living up to his expectations but Skull says nothing. Skull takes off his Lost Driver and leaves it on a table in the office, before turning to the door as the transformation ends and he disappears. Shotaro walks over to inspect the Lost Driver when Reika Hanehara appears in the office to kill him. He takes the Lost Driver and tries to fight back, but she easily overpowers him. She transforms into the Heat Dopant again and burns Shotaro, sending him flying over his desk when he finds a hole in the floor and finds the object that made the hole in his ceiling earlier. The Heat Dopant tells him to prepare to die, but Shotaro instead tells her that it is time for her to count her crimes as he puts on the Lost Driver and inserts the T2 Joker Memory into it, transforming him into Kamen Rider Joker. The fight moves to a nearby creek where the Heat Dopant can no longer use her fire-based attacks. Joker uses the opportunity to use his Rider Kick Maximum Drive on the Heat Dopant, knocking her out.

When Philip awakes later, he finds himself hooked up to a strange device in Futo Tower which Daido explains to be a Ex Bicker (エクスビッカー Ekusu Bikkā?) that will enable him to counter Futo with the all 26 T2 Gaia Memories and remold the his image full of fellow Necro-Overs. Elsewhere, Shotaro finds Ryu with Akiko as they decide that they must go to Futo Tower to save Philip and defeat NEVER, saying their farewells to Akiko under the assumption that it could end up a suicide mission. The Luna Dopant notices their approach and sends several Masquerade Dopants to attack. Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Joker and gets into the tower while Ryu manages to muster using the Engine Blade to hold off the Dopants as well as Izumi and Ashihara. Facing the Metal Dopant, Joker manages to use his Rider Punch Maximum Drive to defeat him before arriving to NEVER's control center with Philip hooked up to the Ex Bicker and Eternal waiting. The two fight until Reika appears in the control center, bloodied and bruised, asking why she is suddenly feeling so strange. Eternal responds by saying she weak, and pushes her aside as she dissolves away into dust. Eternal explains that when a Necro-Over is hit by a Maximum Drive they will crumble away into dust, as Domoto dissolves away outside. Joker continues to fight Eternal, but Joker is no match for Eternal as he is knocked down and reverted back to Shotaro.

Daido takes out the Zone Memory and activates it, sending every T2 Gaia Memory into the Ex Bicker and activating the device which will send out a wave of energy that will turn everyone into Necro-Overs, but this will cause their deaths because they are not enhanced like Daido is. Philip enters the Gaia Library to attempt to change the T2 Eternal Memory to deactivate its control on the other Gaia Memories, but is interrupted by Daido before Shotaro holds him back, allowing Philip to reactivate all of the Gaia Memories. Maria comes in, revealing that she is to blame for what is happening because she used the Necro-Over process on her own son who died: Katsumi Daido. She injects him with a serum, causing him to begin to dissolve away like the other Necro-Overs. Daido shoots Maria in the stomach and takes the serum and escapes. Shotaro frees Philip and scatters all of the T2 Gaia Memories, ending the reaction but leaving all of the Necro-Over energy in the Futo Tower. Philip speaks to Maria and asks why she did not tell them the truth. She replies that she wanted to love Philip as if he was her son, but knew she could not so only lied to give them hope. Philip thanks her, saying that he will pretend to be her son to pay back the favor. Maria smiles and thanks him for being her son with her last breath. Philip, crying, tells Shotaro that they must stop Daido who has escaped to the outside and has attempted to stabilize his condition. Shotaro and Philip confront him, saying that they will stop him as they transform into Kamen Rider Double while Daido transforms into Kamen Rider Eternal.

Elsewhere, Ashihara and Izumi assume their Dopant forms, the former fighting Accel before he is defeated by Accel Trial while the latter runs off to help Eternal and gives him time to escape while he personally battles Kamen Rider Double. But during the fight, a strange red coin rolls up to Double's foot. Double picks it up as a young man named Eiji Hino appears and decides to fight the Luna Dopant out of interest though stating that the Luna Dopant is not a "Greed". Using the red coin with two others, Eiji transforms into Kamen Rider Ooz in the Tatoba Combo and holds the Luna Dopant at bay as Double goes after Eternal. Switching from the Tatoba Combo to his Takiriba Combo, Ooz places Taka, Tora, and Cheetah Medals in his Medajalibur sword to destroy the Dopant.

Using the HardTurbuler, Kamen Rider Double catches up to Kamen Rider Eternal at the top of Futo Tower and fights him in his 9 basic forms before transforming into CycloneJoker Xtreme to deliver a final blow. However, Eternal uses the Zone Memory once more to summon every T2 Gaia Memory onto his Memory Slots, increasing his power. Eternal activates his Never Ending Hell Maximum Drive, sending the blades of the Futo Tower onto Kamen Rider Double and Double falls to the ground, seemingly lifeless. All of the friends Shotaro and Philip have made along the way are watching the events unfold, and Akiko prays for the two to be alive. A gale blows through Futo and the blades of the Futo Tower slow their fall.

The wind blows through the Xtreme Memory, transforming CycloneJoker Xtreme into CycloneJoker Gold Xtreme, growing wings and turning the Crystal Server gold. Kamen Rider Double ascends through the debris towards Kamen Rider Eternal who sends his energy into a single blast of energy straight at Double. Double activates his Double Xtreme Maximum Drive, flying through the deadly energy and straight through Eternal. In his last breath, Katsumi Daido curses Kamen Rider Double and says that Philip is still a monster. Shotaro retorts back that Philip is not a monster, but he is Kamen Rider Double. Eternal is destroyed in a massive fireball as everyone cheers on.

Later, everyone celebrates the defeat of NEVER, watching the fireworks from the intended reopening ceremonies of Futo Tower, which will now have to be repaired.

The Beginning of N/Blood and Dream

The short story "The Beginning of N/Blood and Dreams" (Nのはじまり/血と夢 N no Hajimari/Chi to Yume?) written by Riku Sanjo and published in Toei Hero Max, Vol. 34, tells the background story of NEVER and Maria's past as Daido's mother Miki Daido (大道 美樹 Daidō Miki?). It also introduces Foundation X's top agent Keith Anderson (キース=アンダーソン Kīsu Andāson?), as well as the Ammonite Dopant (アンモナイト・ドーパント Anmonaito Dōpanto?), the Trilobite Dopant (トリロバイト・ドーパント Torirobaito Dōpanto?), and the Mammoth Dopant (マンモス・ドーパント Manmosu Dōpanto?).!/profile.php?id=100000234283141!/gideoncyclone03?ref=ts

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Kamen Rider 000 Climax Heroes

A new Kamen Rider Game is Kamen Rider OOO Climax Heroes like the old Kamen Rider W Climax Heroes it was on Wii But this time not only but PSP!!

This is many Different from the last two Climax Heroes this time you can play as all rider ultimate form

Kamen Rider Kuuga : it can change in to Titan,Pegagus and Dragon (Even Amazing Mighty form and Ultimate form )

Well the other you know (too much rider giving my hand to sweat =.="")

Well Kabuto is Clock up

Then W it can transform to any half change memory like Cyclone Trigger any memory you wish

And new Playable Rider like Knight and Verde also you can play as Kuuga Ultimate Form, Agito Shining Form, Ryuki Survive, Faiz Blaster Form, Blade King Form, Armed Hibiki, Kabuto Hyper Form, Den-O Super Climax Form, Kiva Emperor Form, Decade Complete Form, and Double CycloneJoker Xtreme.

Including the Salis Worm,T-Rex and Magma Maybe since KRCH W has it.

it almost ending to kamen rider w and we almost have to say Saraba Kamen Rider W then we say Ohaiyo Kamen Rider OOO