Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan : Worst Fate 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need HEROES OF JAPAN!! Many of us have heard about Japan T_T this is thing we don't even think will be..but its true

Is  the biggest ND (Natural Disaster) in the whole world
As Japan biggest flood was at 10 meter of Floor!!
While this year was 100 METER (Maybe) of Floor

It was a very very Sad News....
I was wonder what will happen to the all Tokusatsu Actor and Suit Actor
Including The First Ever Gundam Build

This the news of our toy shop in Japan from Gideon Goh

  • CStoys- Mr.S and the gang are OK. They are safe and sound. But warning had been alerted via TV broadcast and other mass medias that quakes may hit Ehime Prefecture. Let's hope it won't.
  • Hobby Link Japan- They had tweeted they're updates over Twitter and they said that they're fine too, stuff were OK, but the store was damage. So, need a lot of cleaning to do.
  • CD Japan- According to Otoya who contacted them, they're fine as well, nothing really bad happen to them, the site is still running and working fit as a fiddle.
  • Yokatta Web- Well, Yokatta is yokatta~
  • Okinawan Middleman Service- His out of the red zone, so he is totally safe!

    And We haven't hear any reply by Amiami and even Rider Proxy we are hoping them to be safe not just them but the whole Japan States

    Our Rider Proxy last update was yesterday meaning 13 hours ago

    (We are staying together no matter.We Help each other. We Save Each other . We are Human Beings ,We are ONE World!)