Saturday, May 21, 2011

Different between Movie War 2011 and Series Birth

Hi guys! Since My Sempai have went to some training...Is kinda boring without him so today i find between about Movie War Birth and Series Birth

Nobunaga Oda

The First user of Birth and Also a History Character that base on The Real Nobunaga Oda. Nobunaga have been very popular. Ever since he was introduced to Samurai Warrior in other world (Even when SW wasn't introduced Nobunaga also popular but only in Japan)

Different Between Movie War and Series Version
I was watching Movie War 2011 the other day...And i realized something different about Birth

Any thing wrong...? I don't know if it just me or anything but the Crane arm doesn't seems to attract any cell medals..?hmm.....
Possible that Dr.Maki doesn't do any upgrade by then..xD

Something like this

Source: Henshin Fever! And Orends:Range: (Video And Link)