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Dynasty Warrior 7

司馬師 (子元)
Sima Shi (Ziyuan)

First son of Sima Yi. Assumed authority in Wei after his father's death. Died early in 255 due to complications of a swollen eye.
Main Weapon: Rapier
Seiyuu: Ryotaro Okiayu (aka. Orochi in Warriors Orochi, Chosokabe Motochika in Samurai Warriors, and Treize Khushrenada in Gundam Wing)

司馬昭 (子上)
Sima Zhao (Zishang)
Second son of Sima Yi. Assumed authority after his brother Shi's death. Father of Sima Yan, the first emperor of Jin who would finally unify China.
Main Weapon: Dao Blade
Seiyuu: Daisuke Kishio (aka. Taigong Wang in Warriors Orochi)

Wang Yuanji

Wife of Sima Zhao and mother of Sima Yan. She is highlighted for predicting Zhong Hui's rebellion.
Main Weapon: Flying Daggers
Seiyuu: Kanae Ito (aka. Rin in Hokuto Musou)

She kinda remind me of someone in Tekken

lili rochefort

諸葛誕 (公休)
Zhuge Dan (Gongxiu)

Wei officer who is aln: Feather Faso Zhuge Liang's cousin. He tried to rebel against Sima Zhao but failed.
Main Weapon
Seiyuu: Takuya Kirimoto (aka. Agon Kongou in Eyeshield 21)

There will be even more new characters added here, with emphasis on the Later Three Kingdoms Era, thus this game will have the highest number of playable characters in the series so far (safely assumed over 50)
Returning Characters

So far the confirmed ones are:
劉備 (玄德) Liu Bei (Xuande)
關羽 (雲長) Guan Yu (Yunchang) - Main Weapon: Blue Dragon Halberd
張飛 (益德) Zhang Fei (Yide) - Main Weapon: Viper Spear
趙雲 (子龍) Zhao Yun (Zilong) - Main Weapon: Spear
(張)星彩 (Zhang) Xing Cai - Main Weapon: Sword & Shield

馬超 (孟起) Ma Chao (Mengqi) - Main Weapon: Spear
諸葛亮 (孔明) Zhuge Liang (Kongming) - Main Weapon: Feather Fan

曹操 (孟德) Cao Cao (Mengde) - Main Weapon: Blade
曹仁 (子孝) Cao Ren (Zixiao)
夏侯惇 (元讓) Xiahou Dun (Yuanrang) - Main Weapon: Blade
夏侯淵 (妙才) Xiahou Yuan (Miaocai) - Main Weapon: Bow
徐晃 (公明) Xu Huang (Gongming)
甄姫 Zhen Ji - Main Weapon: Flute

蔡文姫 Cai Wenji - Main Weapon: Harp
陸遜 (伯言) Lu Xun (Boyan)
孫權 (仲謀) Sun Quan (Zhongmou)
周泰 (幼平) Zhou Tai (Youping) - Main Weapon: Katana

呂蒙 (子明) Lu Meng (Ziming) - Main Weapon: Pike
凌統 (公績) Ling Tong (Gongji) - Main Weapon: Nunchaku
大喬 Da Qiao - Main Weapon: Folding Fan
[Multi Raid 2 weapon will not return]
張角 Zhang Jiao

Many if not all returning characters are retaining their old weapons from DW5 back due to the gameplay system reversal (eg. Zhen Ji's flute, Lu Xun's twin blades)

Gameplay Changes
Secondary Weapons, Variable Attack, Weapon Expertise, and EX Attack

  • The moveset system is back to the good old Charge-based system (DW5 and before)
  • Characters now equip two weapons at once. Both of them can be changed
  • There will be about 360 different varieties of weapons
  • Some weapons will have gender limitations (eg. high probability that Qiao's folding fans will be exclusive to females)
  • Some weapons will have aerial combo
  • TheVariable Attack system (aka. Real Time Weapon Change), players can switch between two weapons anytime. The weapons can even be switched during a combo with a weapon without cutting the combo itself. To switch weapons, press R1
  • Some characters will have special expertise in certain weapon types. When such weapons are equipped, they will be able to unleash EX attacks
    (Speculation: For new characters, probably it's the 'main weapons' listed above, while for returning characters it's their 'default old weapons')
Musou attack upgrades
  • Musou bar is now stackable to 2 bars, allowing you to launch a Musou attack twice consecutively
  • Each character will have 2 different kinds of Musou attacks
  • All characters' first Musou attacks are normally executed with O button on ground
  • For the secondary Musou attack, some characters will have either of the following:
    Alternate Ground Musou, by pressing R1+O on ground; or Jump/Aerial Musou, by pressing O while mid-air
  • When using Musou attack, the character will be using their default weapon regardless of what weapons are equipped
Other Known Information
  • The game supports stereoscopic 3D mode, but it is optional and can be turned off
  • Both consoles (PS3 & 360) will support the stereoscopic 3D
  • Rumor: will have support for the Playstation Move (Sony's motion controller). This is also optional, but not yet known how it will be implemented
  • Some characters will have different facial features depending on the storyline progress, like two-eyed Xiahou Dun or non-masked Sima Shi
  • Character portraits in battle messages have emotion changes just like other recent Warriors games (except SW3)
  • Morale bar is gone, but the morale system itself still exists and will be reflected from officer messages and such
  • DLC (Downloadable Content) is confirmed to be added. Details will be revealed at a later time
  • There are no current plans for a PSP release
Dynasty Warriors 7
(Shin Sangokumusou 6)

Release Date(s): -
(JP) March 2011
(NA) March 2011
(EU) March 25, 2011

Official Site: JP

Player(s): 1 or 2 Player(s)

Platform(s): Xbox 360 and PS3

Story Updates

  • The storyline surpasses 234's Wuzhang -one of the oft-complained points-, and now properly ends in 280: Jin's unification of China and end of the ROTK period
  • The 晋 Jin Kingdom faction is newly added
  • Story Mode is apparently kingdom-based, and will focus on the 4 kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin
  • The Other force does not have a story mode, but players will be able to use the Other characters in Chronicle Mode
  • You will be playing as different characters as you choose other stages, thus seeing the overall kingdom stories from different character perspectives. The character for that stage will be fixed
  • For some important large battles, it will be split into two parts, so you can have two character perspectives (ex: Shu's Chang Ban, 1st Part: Zhao Yun, 2nd Part: Zhang Fei)
  • The story events will be seamlessly incorporated into gameplay, similar to God of War 3
  • To further reflect the seamlessness above, the usual pre-battle briefing menu is no longer here. Instead, the player stands inside a friendly fortress where they can buy new weapons and interact with other characters for storyline insight before beginning the battle
  • Each kingdom will have around 15 to 25 stages until their endings
Chronicle Mode
  • This seems to be an individual, free-roam-China and create-your-own-destiny story mode
  • In-between battles, you can visit cities to buy and upgrade weapons
  • You can also interact with other unique characters, and depending on how you interact, you can unlock more playable characters from this mode
  • When you join a faction you will be able to play in their specific stages
  • There are also stages that are based on ROTK
There also ROTK i think

Kamen Rider OOO Sagozo Combo

Kamen Rider OOO Ep 11

And Sagozo gonna appear in the Next Episode!!!
My Favourite Form combo xD hehe

Ok before on the event of episode 12

let take the little flashback to episode 11

"Chiyoko goes out for a trip and leaves Eiji and Hina in charge of the Cous Coussier. Elsewhere, a man following a blog owned by a woman named Sawada becomes Uva's newest Yummy producer"
Now Eiji target is Ageha Yummy is a swallowtail butterfly Yummy created by Uva after he uses an Ageha Cell Medal on Keisuke Tsukuba, a blogger who wishes to become famous. The Ageha Yummy uses his proboscis to suck the talent out of humans, then transfers the stolen talent via pollen into Tsukuba.

And he is the first Yummy who has a quite nice voice (hehe Just kidding)

Now SAGOZO but uhh the name we know of this form is not sagozo is SAGOHZO as english pronounce

We still dunno how eiji obtain Sai medal , Gorilla medal and Zou Medal

But we know the Sagohzo has a Very power leg and hand.
however i think his finish is use a powerful leg drop.

And this combo use in epic 12
he use this combo form to defeat Ageha

so that all

Hope You like it ~~~

Gideon Sempai Arigatou for everything you inspired me

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Skull RevolGarry

" Owh.. I've been wondering thqt whether skull got his own revolgarry... And seems like a YES.."__________ Gideon Goh

Skulk RevolGarry is a transport that keep skullboilder i think
it seems Skull Revolgarry use the same as W one
Oh by the way the trailer in 0:20-0:24 maybe Sokichi and Shroud could be Building Skull Boilder

Thank to Genesis check him out